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Link Exchange Info

Please feel free to link to this website. There’s no need to request permission or contact me in advance, unless you would like me to reciprocate by placing a link toward your website on this page. If you do need to contact me though, my e-mail address is listed on the contact page.

Here’s a little HTML snippet for your convenience, which you can copy and paste in your web page as is:

<a href="" title="Iuliana Mihuț’s Sexy Corsets">Sexy Corsets by Iuliana</a>

The above code will be displayed as: Sexy Corsets by Iuliana. Please, feel free to modify the markup in any way you need, but please keep the name of the link (“Sexy Corsets by Iuliana”) intact.

Also, if you prefer, you an use any of the banner images below:

Wheareas linking to this website is free and doesn’t require you to ask for permission, please refrain from linking from porn sites, religious, government or army support websites and mailing lists.




<a href="" title="Iuliana Mihuțのセクシーコルセット">Iulianaのセクシーコルセット</a>

上記のコードが「Iulianaのセクシーコルセット」の様に表示されるはずです。 HTMLコード自体を好きな風に書き直しても良いですが、リンク名(「Iulianaのセクシーコルセット」)をこのままにして下さい。